Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to Acquire Five AirCrafts

Government of Pakistan has approved Pakistan International Airline's request to acquire 5 aircrafts.

This step is taken to reduce the PIA's losses every year .State owned airline is facing deficit for many years and it now claims to reduce losses this year and to provide better services to its customers.

On Tuesday Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has approved PIA's request.

These aircrafts will be european made and will be acquired on lease.Another request for 5 more aircrafts is refused by ECC headed by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.

In addition to the approval ECC also assured PIA the guarantee that they can take loan to repair Boeing 777 and granted extension in previous guarantee of loans till end financial year 2013-14

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Android Products Pays Upto 2 Billion To Microsoft

According To "Market Leader" Microsoft is earning upto 2 billion Per Year from use of its products to producers of android-type devices.

Android Products Pays Upto 2 Billion To Microsoft

It is believed that andriod operating sytem is bringing more profits to top software company then its own window phones.

Microsoft gains profits from all android devices in terms of license fee.

Profits from Android products is almost 95 percent and microsoft has no hardwork to do to earn 2 billion dollars.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Twitter Shares Fall 7.26 Percent on Second Day

After successfull debut in Wall Street Twitter the popular social media service falls 7.26 percent.

On first sensational  day of trading Twitter shares gained a level of USD 72.68.
Twitter Shares

According to sources "Financial Review" almost 70 percent of Twitter shares were already reserved by underwriters.

On second day shares of popular social site fell down 7.26 percent close to USD 41.64 overnight.

Friday, 1 November 2013

How To Earn Money Online | Earn Money From Home in Pakistan

Summary : How To Earn Money Online or Earn Money  From Home? Is that Possible ..I say Yes ! 

Everyone know that earning money online is not that easy task to do but it can be done with some hardwork and knowledge of internet .

Just we have to think about some productive purpose apart from facebook,twitter,chat and online movie streaming for free .. :)

As far as i know people here in Pakistan and especially my friends even don't have a concept of Online earing.

Here are some methods someone can earn online and can make his living .But we have to keep in mind that dedication and knowledge is the key .

Following methods are only applicable to those who make themselves eligible !

1=> Blogging 

There are many choices available for blogger and website owners  provided that they meet the criteria for the advertisements .

A- Google AdSense
B- BuySellAds ( A Good Alternative to AdSense)
C-Chitika ( Search Based Ads)

2=>Affiliate Marketing 

This is the easiest but hard way to earn online money :)

You have to do just one thing .Display affiliate products on your blog or site .
If someone from visitors turns into customer and buys a product via your site ,you can earn handsome commission from it .

I am enlisting some companies interested in affiliate marketing on web.

A- Amazon
B- Hostgator ( A Webhosting Company )

There are many other ways out there with which you can  earning online money but you have to be patient and thoughtful about what you are posting on your blog or site .

Thanks for reading .Leave your comment  :)

Monday, 14 October 2013

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News Watchman brings Latest Breaking News from Pakistan and around the world about crime,breaking news,entertainment,amazing,business as well as technology news

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